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Take lesson planning to the next level with the advanced features of ShowMe Premium

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    Key Features

    All of the features of ShowMe Basic, and more!

    Powerful Analytics

    Track progress down to the individual to ensure no student is left behind

    Create Courses

    Organize your ShowMes into courses and easily share entire lessons with your students

    Unlimited Student Accounts

    Let an unlimited number of students collaborate with each other and create their own ShowMes

    Upload Private ShowMes

    Work with students one on one using private ShowMes, ideal for homework or quizzes!

    Download ShowMe Files

    Upload your ShowMes to e-learning portals or create slides for easy printouts

    Create Study Groups

    The ultimate flipped learning tool for organizing student work and progress by class

    Create Study Groups

    Study Groups are at the center of ShowMe Premium. Take your class organization to the next level by managing students in groups customized to suit the needs of you and your students.

    Implement flipped learning in a simple and effective way. Easily integrate the flipped methodology into your existing curriculum.

    Let students collaborate with you or each other thanks to seamless sharing of ShowMe lessons or custom courses.

    Engage your students by inviting them to create their own ShowMes for the class or for group projects.

    Upload documents to a group and let each student contribute their own additions either publicly or privately.

    Maintain Students' Performance with Powerful Analytics

    Giving each student the personalized attention and support they need has never been easier.

    ShowMe’s analytics suite lets educators record each individual student’s progress through lessons and the intuitive interface which clearly shows how many times a student has reviewed a video. Viewing the watching habits helps teachers easily identify which concepts are mastered or where a student may be struggling.

    Combine & Organize multiple ShowMes into Courses

    Keep your lesson plans organized and add your ShowMes to playlists for easy viewing. Creating custom Courses in ShowMe lets teachers collaborate seamlessly across their schools and share entire playlists with students.

    Create Unlimited Student Accounts

    Put power in the hands of your students when you give them access to ShowMe

    Engage students around the clock directly on their devices with complementary Basic ShowMe accounts.

    Let students express their creativity and thought-process by uploading their own ShowMe creations.

    Invite students to Study Groups to easily monitor individual learning and engage in group activities.

    Customize ShowMe lessons for each student, tailored to their individual learning needs.

    Leverage ShowMe without Limits

    Let your imagination run wild with unlimited ShowMe uploads! Transform any and every class with engaging video lessons, all saved on our cloud to be used again or edited as necessary.

    Create custom ShowMes for any student who needs extra help and share them privately. Download your ShowMes for easy integration with other e-learning tools or distribute them to students for offline use.

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    What Teachers Say about ShowMe Premium

    Educators know best when it comes to what their students and classrooms need. Read what other teachers just like you have said about upgrading their accounts to ShowMe Premium!

    Mallory Dyer | Mathematics Professor

    ShowMe is an amazing tool to use not only for lectures in my classroom but also for my hybrid and online classes. I love being able to use various colors to help the visual learners and keep my students attention. I also like that I can graph and pull in pictures. The best part about it, is that it records the entire thing- making it easy for students to go back and watch.

    Matt Evans | Physics & Astronomy Professor

    The students really appreciate having access to review materials generated by me based on our lectures and assignments, and ShowMe has the tools to make this easy and for me look like a professional.

    Patrick Drake | Math Teacher

    ShowMe has been invaluable to my teaching methods to help students who may need just that extra little nugget of information in the form of a video from myself or from any of the other wonderful contributors.

    Jennifer Floyd | Science and Technology Teacher

    I love that I can prepare my lesson ahead of time and play them as a whole class or students can listen individually and replay any parts that they need repeating without holding back other student. If I am absent my students don't miss a day of instructions and sub plans that really don't accomplish much at all. Also on the same note if a student is absent they can see the lesson when they return on at home. When I first started I thought I needed to make all of my presentations prefer but now I just tell me kids sorry and move on and they see that I am not perfect. I setup my students and now all I have to do is send out lessons or homework help so that they have my help anytime.